Drawing and Photoshop

I continued to create some designs on photoshop. Using some painted illustration and some pencil drawing to map out different designs. I did it this way to be more efficient and produce a variety of designs then I picked my favourite draft to finalize.


Initial Photoshop Designs

These are a few initial designs I was playing around with on Photoshop by scanning my painted images and playing around with size and position.


I spent one night focusing on flower illustrations and paintings. Mainly gouche paint and some quick pencil drawings.

Inspirational quotes

New year, new resolution greeting cards. A few inspirational quotes I would like to add to my greeting cards. It goes with my whole theme of peace and zen.

Initial Drawings

I find my sketchbook work the most enjoyable. Painting while watching TV is probably my version of Zen. I am trying not to cut any corners but I did slack of in the middle of this project so I am taking some short cuts by doing a coupled of detailed painted images of each part of my theme and photoshoping them into designs. In the past I never had a section of developing design so I have tried to use the same image and tweaking it a bit each time. They are coming along well, however I know what I want to do in my head to it’s difficult for me to skip the experimenting part and jump straight to the end.



I did two pages on experimenting with symbols however I didn’t really know what to do with it so I experimented by using different brushes, combining colours, using a dry brush, using my opposite hand and not taking my brush off the paper. As I’m sat here typing some ideas have actually popped into my head. I could mess around with the symbols on Photoshop by adding patterns into it or draw some swirly floral patterns around it.


I have also started looking into envelope ideas and how to make envelope liners so there are patterns on the inside as well as out. I was thinking of doing galaxy envelope liners go with the whole theme of Buddhism, balance and the universe. So I did some really cool experimental paintings of multi-coloured galaxies taught to me by YouTube. After watching the video it really was simple, fun and messy. However I quite like the idea of using it for my main cards and worry it will be too much combine with the envelope liners. I haven’t given much thought to the envelopes so I will have to come back with that. I certainly don’t want to do something boring and plain. Funny enough I think the design and pattern of an envelope liner is the best part. Like a little decorative surprise. 😛



My second week was about gathering research and creating my mood boards. This time round I wanted to make sure I have plenty of research. I was pleased to see that IG had updated their website and are now called IG Design Group. Navigating through the website was so much easier and information was faster to find. I gathered information about the companies, what they do, their ethics, and associating groups around the world. To research my competitors I searched other companies like IG and collected a description about them along with images of their products. I made sure to get cards images similar style or themes to mine, and even card designs that I liked. Many of the cards online don’t really appeal to me but I think that is because there’s a different between shopping for a card in person and looking at them online. I have collected some cheap cards just from my local shop to add to my technical file to compare card shape and size.

I struggled to identify my target market. According to my research, women are the major buyers when it comes to greeting cards. Even when the card is for a male, the person buying it is usually for a woman. I tried to think of my market as someone I know. I picture my mum’s friend who in her younger years was a hippie, rocker chick and enjoyed going to festivals. She lived wild and free however I am aiming towards the woman who want peace and calm in their life. Now as a middle aged woman, she enjoys art as a hobby, she is strong and enjoys yoga. I think of a woman who has lots of life experience whether good or bad like my friend’s mum has gone through divorce and lost her latest partner in an accident. I feel as though a woman like her could relate to the Buddhist quotes of having a peaceful mind and letting things go. But it’s not specifically aimed at woman who have been through tough times. Inspirational quotes and beautiful images can be a motivation for setting goals.

Mood boards… in my personal opinion the biggest pain ever. These have taken me longer than they should have. I don’t know how the women at IG can produce one in 2 hours. Finding relevant pictures is piece of cake. What I struggle with is the rest of the process. Whether I do it digitally or by hand, arranging the pictures to fit perfectly together, cutting straight lines and sticking it neatly is the most frustrating part. As an art student it needs to be quite perfect and neat so I’ve must have printed 3 sets of copies just because it doesn’t glue in perfectly. So I gave the mood boards a rest and will come back to them.14088922_10157411755725165_442407810_n

Summer resubmission: IG

So it’s the second last week and I still have not written a blog post, therefore I have dedicated tonight to catching up on my blog. I think writing on my blog is not my thing. I have sat in front of the computer for weeks now with the intentions of doing it but something distracts me and I end up forgetting all about it.

To begin, I went back into this project with a fresh mind. I wanted to start over as I felt I was in a rut with the last theme. It seems a lot easier starting again rather than going back into something that I wasn’t confident with and that felt half finished. After my tutorial with Helen I felt better about the direction to go in and surer about the theme. We planned and talked through about everything that needs to be done so I have used that as a guide as the weeks progressed. It was agreed to stick with my illustrative and painting style as that is my best skill. Helen also wanted me to stick with my Buddhist motif theme as I have so many photographs taken from my trips back home to Thailand, however I was concerned about how to make that appealing to a western crowd and suitable for a specific occasion.

Helen pointed me in the direction of doing very cool Zen, east meets west type cards using nature and Buddhist motifs, perhaps for the New Year occasion. After doing some research for my project I found so many inspirational quotes by Buddha and the Dalai Lama. Quotes such as: forgetting about the past and living in the now, being kind to others and yourself, getting rid of all things negative in your life, would be perfect for New Year’s resolutions. Or even wishing for a clean start on your birthday.